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“Kasey has a deep understanding of pilates and yoga as well as knowledge about how the human body operates - which is very helpful considering I struggle with pain, muscle tightness, and headaches. Kasey is a fun and fantastic teacher, but don't let her smile fool you; her workouts are just the right amount of difficult. She pushes me, but only to the limits of my own body and skill level. I highly recommend her if you are a beginner, an expert, or anything in between.”

Rachel Nicols

“Kasey Ryan is a phenomenal trainer. I love her holistic approach to fitness, and I have gained so much from working with her—physically, of course, but also spiritually and emotionally. I leave my sessions with her feeing so much stronger, in every way.”

Adrienne Miller

I very much look forward to seeing Kasey twice a week for her unique combination of pilates, cardio and yoga. She always mixes it up to keep the workout fresh and fun; and she keeps me motivated as well as focused. I have definitely seen my body get leaner and more toned and I feel stronger and more flexible. Kasey also has a wealth of nutritional information and advise, which helps me with my personal goals. She's always willing to help and shares her insights about healthy habits throughout our session. 🙂 Kasey's a gem and I know she can help you.

Christina  de Forest -Keys 

Kasey, is one of those rare and special trainers that TRULY understands the mechanics of the body. She is excellent for anyone with injurious issues to help strengthen and recover. Most importantly, she brings a strong level of mindfulness to her trainings, to help me avoid exacerbating vulnerable areas. Thrilled to have found her! Highly recommend her.

-Sela Ward

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Based in New York, Soul Force Fit's multi modality approach  to exercise makes learning about the body more accessible.  Elevate your health with a multitude of modalities including traditional personal training, yoga, pilates, assisted stretch and meditation.  The personal training offered includes strength conditioning, performance/endurance training, weight loss training and physique training.   Regardless of the specific session you choose, you will gain functional core stability, joint mobility, coordination, strength, muscular repair and integration. You will always be encouraged to try a nutrition coaching session as well as an assisted stretch. Sessions are tailored directly to your needs, as life is always changing!   No matter where you are on your road, be it injury recovery, pain management, body building, a wedding/event, or a marathon,  there is a program for you!   Sessions are In home or  online. Get ready to move.

Are you body aware?

 When you first start an exercise program, it is important that you are self aware. Alignment, biomechanics, and functionality of your joints are vital when selecting the appropriate program for yourself. Starting an exercise program is an important element for having success in health and wellness however there is much to consider before implementing a plan to accomplish your health goals. Sometimes your body goals can become compromised when you misunderstand length tension relationships, joint spaces, and  planes of motion while moving.  Having the right plan and right professional help you choose that plan is key to your success!

 If you are trying  to loose weight and build strength, training the intrinsic, stabilizing musculature is important!   Yoga and Pilates  are great foundational programs that can teach you  how your body naturally moves, thus preparing you for weight lifting and proper weight loss training techniques.


Types of Personal Training offered and WHO ITS FOR:  

Performance Training: Marathoners, Triathletes  and  performance competitors.

Strength Training:  People who want to get strong, and gain lean muscle mass.   

Correctional exercise: People who want to correct muscular Imbalances, and improve injuries.  

Training for Weight loss: People who want to loose weight and keep it off! 

Physique Training: People training for Weddings, Special Events,  Competitions and body building. 

Mobility/Functional Training:  People who need functional training for mobility and alignment.

Pilates: was created by Joeseph Pilates in the 1920s, intended for rehabilitation, flexibility, and core training. Pilates is a great way to build your core, develop breath control  and stay flexible.  It is also a system that has been used by many schools of physical therapy to support muscular functionality.  Pilates is a great method if you are trying to prevent injury and pain. A pilates session will leave you feeling strong and lean.

Yoga(to yoke) is a mind-body practice, it involves the integration of the mind and body, it was originally intended for spiritual practice. The best teachers still use it for such intentions today. There are multiple styles of yoga all of which can be of service to you.

Who is it for:

Vinyasa Yoga: People who want to practice traditional vinyasa Yoga (Flowing with breath)

Posture Specific Yoga: People who want to achieve a specific Pose (handstand* and other challenging Poses).

Restorative Yoga: Yoga poses set to support your body in recovery, and get aligned to restore your body from intense exercise or injury.

Meditation: Fully guided meditation, relaxation techniques and visualization techniques to explore the depths of your personalized instinctive meditation.  

Mobility:During a Mobility session you will primarily focus on mobility drills which will consist of the most subtle forms of isolation you can imagine. You will relearn how each joint is supposed to function and be glad you didn't forget!  If you are an athlete, body builder or just an average gym rat, you should really do mobility training, at least one day a week. 

Incorporate recovery into your life, with assisted stretching.  Allow yourself full recovery and learn how to provide your body with proper hydration and extensibility.  Our largest organ is our skin and much deeper than our skin is the connective tissue, a structure that holds the true secret to how our body functions.  Learn how to release your own fascia and recover faster! Recover and feel supported with an assisted stretch! 

Utilize your fullest energetic potential! Book a Nutrition consultation. A key component of Health is Nutrition: You are what you eat. Eating should be a happy and  healthy habit. Nutrition and a healthy attitude towards food is what you need to have a truly content experience with a healthy lifestyle.  

Who is it for:

For people who want to be taught about Nutrition, learn basic bio chemistry and about how your body uses fuel(food) as energy.  If you are struggling setting goals for weight loss or feel out of control when it comes to food, consider nutrition coaching. This is a great opportunity to understand how food works to support your life, performance and sense of wellbeing. 

Doing Yoga and Pilates in a chair can help all people young and old, understand  how they hold themselves while under tension.  This session is one I practice with people who have  several injuries or need simpler instruction in how to connect to their body, with out placing a tremendous amount of pressure on the joints and sensitive structures of the body.  Does your mother or father need to workout but they cant because of pain, exhaustion, or an overwhelming sense of doom?  This session is for them. : ) 

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“The molecules that makeup cells and the cells that comprise tissues continually turn over; it is the maintenance of pattern integrity that we call ‘life’. The pattern is a manifestation of structure and structural stability results from the establishment of spatial relationships that bring individually destabilized structural elements into balance.”

-Donald Ingber, MD, PhD

Recovery is a SKILL

Restorative yoga, meditation, and  assisted stretch give your nervous system what it needs to recover from stress induced by workouts and life. Your athletic performance, can only be as strong as your recovery program.  Recovering is a skill that like any other must be developed. 

Healing is an Art: An insight to Recovery and Meditation

Healing is a process, of introspection, regulation, and self-expression. What can you do to stay in your most awakened self? What kind of process do you need to create for yourself to stay in your best mental, physical, and emotional state? Healing happens when you learn to regulate and recover. Practice wholehearted self-discipline and self expression, this can be found by simply practicing breath. What is a healing art? A healing art is any and every art on earth. Invite yourself to participate in recovery, it is work to dedicate time to your recovery practice. Recovery is just as important, if not more important than productivity. The way you choose to recover is instinctive and is an art in and of itself. Your healing is a gift to the whole world but first it must start as a gift to you. "Those who mind,don't matter, those who matter don't mind."Be you.

About Kasey


Kasey Ryan,  is the founder of Soul Force Fit, an in home and online multi-modality fitness company.  Her credentials/certifications include, a BA in performing arts, RYT Certified Yoga Instructor (Vinyasa-Restorative-Pre/post Natal), Certified Pilates Instructor (Mat-Reformer), Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer (corrective exercise-weight loss specialist-fitness nutrition specialist-cancer exercise specialist), Certified Meditation Coach (Instinctive, Ethics and Contemplation, Transcendental) Certified Melt(TM) hand and foot-Fascial Stretching).  She is also continuing her education to  certify as a diabetes educator and works in collaboration with her clients doctors to provide optimal results.

Kasey has been building her career in the health and wellness industry, sense 2004 in NYC, and has worked with a diverse population of individuals, businesses and clinics. Her inspiration to work in the health/fitness industry stems from a life time of witnessing others struggle  with chronic physical/mental illness, disordered eating and addiction.  So many people struggle in ways they don't even realize until they start choosing healthier paths. All of us deserve to feel, look and be the best version of ourselves.

  Her goal is to inspire and motivate clients to develop awareness on how to integrate their minds and bodies, through fitness, so they may focus on what truly matters in their life. She provides sessions in personal training, pilates, yoga, assisted stretch, meditation and nutrition coaching.  The more time you spend working towards your goals the more likely you are to achieve them.  Nothing good comes easy.  Kasey values discipline, straight forward communication, and individuality, she also believes that self compassion is the root of what it means to be well.

Staying healthy is a process that never ends. Wellbeing, can only be accomplished if you choose to be well. You just need to take that first step. 

"Move your body, and Exercise your soul.”